Jim Balsillie, RIM co-CEO replied to Steve Jobs’ critique concerning 7 inch slates, saying that the Apple CEO’s remarks make no sense outside the Cupertino giant’s “distortion field”. We remind you that Jobs said that 7 inch tablets are tweeners and nobody wants a bigger smartphone or a slate that’s smaller than 10 inches.

Also, Apple’s main man called all 7 inch tablets and pretty much every tablet rivaling the iPad “dead on arrival”. Of course, Jobs also mentioned that the iPhone sales have finally overtaken the sales of BlackBerry handsets. Jim Balsillie is convinced that 7 inch tablets have a chance of making up a big portion of the portable PC market in the future.

As far as the sold iPhones versus BlackBerry units issue is concerned, RIM’s official claimed that the two companies have different endings for fiscal quarters, so they really can’t compare figures yet. Apparently, the demand in September is stronger than in summer months, but we doubt that RIM will catch up to the 14.1 million iPhones sold by Apple in Q4. RIM shipped 12.1 million BlackBerrys over the last quarter.

[via Reuters]