You had your share of Windows RT in our review here and now it appears that you will actually be able to customize your experience, thanks to a utility called RetroUI. People feel overwhelmed when they use Windows 8 for the first time, so they may want their Start button back and maybe some extra menus and options.

That’s what the free utility called Classic Shell is for, bringing the Start button to Windows 8, but we’re here to cover a related piece of software called RetroU. Thinix is the company behind the software, allowing users to login directly into the classic Windows desktop and skip the Metro features. RetroUI Is available for download here and costs $5 for a license that can be used on 3 PCs. The new Start menu actually looks nice and you can even resize windows of apps and have a taskbar ready when you need it.

The taskbar stays visible when you’re in the app and there’s even the red X on the upper right corner to close down apps in the old fashioned way. Of course you can make the app full screen and use standard gestures in Windows 8. You can even drag and drop stuff in the start menu and fill it with shortcuts and apps. Pretty cool, right?