It appears that the guys of Re/code have found proof that Apple won’t be unveiling a Retina MacBook Air two weeks from now, when they’re scheduled to hold a new keynote, one rumored to be focused on tablets, laptops and computers.


The new media event will be held on Thursday, October 16th and its main focus will be the iPad Air 2, supposedly. We may catch a glimpse of the iPad Mini 3 as well, plus get details regarding iOS 8.1 and Apple Pay. The MacBook Pro with Retina was very much loved in 2012 and now people are expecting the same experience on a smaller form factor. A new Mac Mini and Retina iMac are also expected, while the Retina MacBook Air may be put on hold.

The reason? Well, Apple wants a taste of the 14 nm Intel Broadwell processors, that should be ready soon enough. Meanwhile, the new iPad Air is said to have a fingerprint scanner, slimmer case, better cameras, slight look changes and a stronger CPU inside. OS X Yosemite may also be unleashed at the same event.