Ramos i9s Pro is a new an interesting tablet, one that runs both Android and Windows. As the source says, this model is able to switch between Android and Windows seamlessly and the product is even more appealing, since it’s priced at $224.


This model is stylish and relies on an Intel Atom Z3735F quad core processor, plus it comes with 64 GB of storage, a microSD card slot and apparently it also has a touch button that switches the OSes. The product can be bought here and it also brings a 8000 mAh battery, plus a series of accessories that can be bought from the same site, including a Bluetooth keyboard and a few colourful cases.

There’s a main back camera without flash and I’d advise you to be cautious about this product, since the site that sells it only mentions Windows 8 in the title, so in the end you may not get Android on it, but rather a virtualized environment of sorts, made to run Android apps.