Since we entered November it’s time to learn more about the shipments and sales of tablets in Q3 2020. It appears that Samsung is catching up to Apple and that the whole segment registered a boom in Q3. The global shipments of tablet computers recorded a 24.9% year on year increase in the quarter we mentioned.

The info comes from market consultancy agency IDC. The Covid-19 pandemic also increased the demand on tablets for remote work, as people worked from home and students were forced to learn from home and attend lessons remotely. The report also mentions that shipments for all tablet brands rose. Apple is still the leader, with 13.9 million units moved, with a 29.2% share of the world total share. Samsung is second with 9.4 million shipments and Amazon third with 5.4 million.

Huawei is close, on the fourth spot, at 4.9 million, while Lenovo is fifth at 4.1 million. Overall 47.6 million tablets were sold around the world between July and September, which is quite the bump up from the 38.1 million units in Q3 2019. Samsung was among the most impressive growers, with a gain of 4.4 million unit sales over the past 12 months. It’s an 89.2% growth in just a year, caused by the likes of the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy A models.

The iPad family gained 2.1 million units from the previous time frame. We should also mention that Apple’s market share dropped from 31.1% to 29.2%, while Samsung’s grew from 13% to almost 20%. Amazon suffered a lot from pushing the Prime Day back to October, leaving Huawei and Lenovo to catch up. China and Europe were the big growth factors over the past 3 months.