The IFA 2010 show in Berlin is closing in and with it some cool tablets, that we’ll see showcased for the very first time. We should also spot a bunch of new e-readers, like those that Pocketbook promised to introduce. They’ll unveil 4 new E-Ink devices and an Android tablet with a 7 inch display. The new eBook readers are Pocketbook Pro 602, Pocketbook Pro 902, the Pro 603 and Pro 903 models, while the slate will bear the name of Pocketbook IQ.

These new e-readers we mentioned have just about the same specifications, with the sole difference being the display size. Models with names that start with “6” will use 6 inch E-ink displays, while the “9” e-readers will pack 9.7 inch screens. All the e-book readers will feature 2GB of memory, support for Bluetooth and WiFi, plus the models with the xx3r naming pattern will add a 3G modem in the mix.

Moving on to the Pocketbook IQ tablet, we must mention that this device will run Android 2.0 and it’ll come in 3 colors, but the specs remain a mystery right now. IFA 2010 will tell the tale!