A Romanian paper informs us that Orange has once again rethought its tablet-related plans and it intends to launch a very affordable slate. Of course, it’ll be Android material, going for EUR 100 on contract, with a data plan. The launch is scheduled for the holiday season and the device is supposed to be an iPad rival, “built by a major Asian company”.

The unit will be Orange-branded and it follows the avalanche of well selling smarpthones launched by the carrier. We must mention that the slate will support 3G connectivity and its total price will be below 250 EUR. Orange also provided a specific reason for getting into the tablet biz: the Boston Android phone, selling very well under the company’s brand.

Its sales have passed 100.000 units till now and the device is made in China, with a production cost of 120 EUR, keeping it on the cheap side.

[via ZF]