The folks of Nordic Hardware obtained some leaked slides, showing interesting Nexus 7 accessories, that will be available in the future. There’s a dock coming, with a $49.99 price tag attached and an August launch date, on the 24th. The dock is made to “perfectly angle” the tablet and it’s great for photo and movie viewing, as advertised in the slides.

The accessory includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so one can connect speakers, but sadly there’s no HDMI support, at least not apparently. There’s also a case in the mix, a premium leather one that will arrive at the end of August with a $39.99 price tag and 4 different colors. Meanwhile, the TPU Case is selling only in the dark version, according to people in the know. I expect further accessory leaks over the following days, so stay close for more details.

Also, I’ve heard a rumor about Nexus Q units being shipped for free to the folks who preordered them already. And that’s because Google will postpone the launch of the product, so it may take quite a while. Excited about the Nexus devices and their arrival with accessories?