Nvidia Tegra 3 has just become official and it’s no coincidence considering the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet has just been announced. This is the first quad core tablet and also the first with this CPU on board… Tegra 3 should have come back in August, but Nvidia chose to tweak it a bit more, for a more successful launch.

Nvidia Tegra 3 aka Kal-El was first showcased at MWC 2011 in February and it has gone a long way to break down the records of the Tegra 2 solution. Tegra 3 promises 5 times the performance of the predecessor and it comes with a four core Cortex A9 setup as well as a new 12 core graphics processor. Actually this solution is a five core one, with an extra lower power companion core, that handles the standby and low intensity processes.

What Nvidia praises most about its new CPU is the dynamic core management system, that gives it more battery life than what the user gets from a standard mobile device. As a test, the Nvidia Tegra 3 was set up to play back 720p video side by side with the Tegra 2 and overall it used up 61% less power. The GPU demos have also shown the gaming potential of the new chipset, that will grant the game developers the environment to create impressive games with even better graphics.

Tegra 3 will play 1080p video at a bitrate as high as 40Mbps, so get ready for stunning graphics. Here’s what the games of the future might look like on tablets: