Notion Ink Adam cannot come soon enough, since every bit and piece we find out about it makes us want the slate even more, no matter the price. This time we’ve found that its battery is incredibly long lasting, providing 15, up to 20 hours of functioning time. This would really make the tablet a real iPad killer.

The info was found in a blog post by Notion Ink, detailing the Adam’s battery and speakers. Apparently, the device’s makers are not satisfied with any of the speakers available on the market and the Adam will defeat any rival, at least in the audio segment. The slate was designed to have a more resonant bass than other devices with similar sizes.

As far as the battery is concerned, you should get a minimum of 15 hours on a charge and approximately 20 hours, on paper.

  • Anonymous

    You also get 78% of iPad screen resolution.

    When will the Tablet makers understand that for web surfing, for HD content and esp. for reading of high quality text/pdf/electronic text, the screen resolution has to be higher.

    At least 1366*768, which would require almost 100% increase in resolution.