During today’s Nokia World 2012 event, there was the usual Q&A session after the launch of the new Lumia phones and during that session some interesting answers came out. Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO was the one answering the questions and when asked it Nokia will be making a Windows tablet, he said that he thinks the opportunity is clear.

He also says that people are looking for a digital experience suited for a smartphone and tablet and that Nokia is looking at this opportunity closely. We previously informed you that Nokia may unveil a surprise Windows 8 tablet before the event today started, but that didn’t come true. Well, that door is still open and Nokia could unveil something by the year end. Seeing how closely they’re working with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon-based Lumia 920 and 820 makes me think about a potential Windows RT Nokia tablet with quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU.

Or they could go with Intel processing and Windows 8… The thing to be careful about here is pricing, since this will make or break a potential Nokia tablet. Would you buy one, especially if it brings larger Lumia-style design?