The Nokia Lumia 2520 is the company’s only tablet so far, but they’re also preparing to tackle the smaller diagonal segment in 2014 with an 8 inch model. Recent rumors are saying that we should expect an 8.3 inch Lumia tablet with a device codenamed Illusionist being discussed among people in the know.


The model is also dubbed RX-115 and we have to mention that the name Nokia doesn’t show up in the listing. This device is described as having an 8.3 inch 1080p LCD screen, a SIM slot for cellular connectivity and for some reason the RX-115 is referred to as a cellphone here and not a tablet. This means that we could get an 8 inch tablet with phone calling features, which would be fine, if you’re prepared to use a headset.

Nokia is always a strong presence at MWC 2014 and maybe also at CES 2014, who knows, since they’re now part of a big US entity. While 6 inch Lumias and 10 inch models have appeared, we’ve yet to see a REAL phablet from the company, a 5.5 inch stylus model to fill in the gaps of that product segment. With an 8 incher on its way, the phablet is the only one needed to close the niches.