There’s a new animated ad on the web for the Nokia Lumia 2520, that disses the iPad for its behavior when viewed in direct sunlight. It also shows that people who use such slates tend to ignore their dogs, while Lumia users play with the pets.

ipad dog ad

A month ago the same company had an ad showing that a male was a noob at connecting with a female, because he had an iPad. Now he can’t connect with a dog for the same reason. The ad shows a sunny park and iPad users all tucked in the shade of a tree or umbrella, simply for the sake of using their tablet. Meanwhile the Lumia 2520 user is getting all the sunlight he needs.

We’ve heard it before, related to the Surface slates as well: they have excellent readability, view angles and a special contrast and brightness that beats all rivals. This also applies to the Lumia 2520. However, when it comes to rendering a video for example, I’m guessing the iPad Air is faster than all those models combined, as far as speed goes.