Nokia has patented a flexible hinge, that integrates a data connection and could be of great use inside a tablet with folding parts. This concept was detailed in a recent patent application, that shows a smaller and more versatile alternative to the traditional fixed plastic or metal hinges.

This will slim down mobile gadgets, so they’ll feel more comfortable inside the pocket. Nokia describes its technology as multi layered strips, made of elastomers and composite fabrics, with combos of materials to choose from. The initial layer could be a thermoplastic or a related material, maybe natural or synthetic rubber. Nokia also claims that the second layer might as well be Kevlar or Cordura fabric, that will give the hinge resilience. So, instead of using springs in the hinge mechanism, they’ll replace them with flexible materials.

Nokia experimented with bendable rubber before, in a couple of various concepts. One of them is the Nokia Kinetic design shown below, with a rubber casing and a twisting display, so this can be achieved. I also imagine they could use their new technology to create some sort of tablet/laptop hybrid with detachable slate.