Shigeru Miyamoto is a rockstar as far as the gaming world is concerned, having created Mario, Donkey Kong and being a huge part of the Zelda games. Mario remains his biggest hit and now that the game has reached iOS via Super Mario World, the Nintendo genius enters the spotlight again. He was spotted drawing Mario on an iPad Pro, as shown below.

Mario was actually a character in Donkey Kong and back then he was a carpenter, with clothes to match the profession. It was only after some years that Mario became a plumber, with associated uniform and more. The muhsrooms, that are a vital part of the Mario world are also rendered here, being all joyful around the moustached fellow.

With Apple and Nintendo’s destinies intertwined, we’ll see more such promos, featuring more famous characters and Apple gear. We could even see Mario on the Apple Watch, spinoffs and entire game series, plus maybe Zelda one day on the iPad, who knows? Hats off to Shigeru Miyamoto and his stunning work that brought joy to many, many generations. In the meantime you can download Super Mario Run from here.