Nintendo has high hopes for its new console/tablet, expecting to sell 2 million units at debut and they’ll also offer a “try before you buy” option for gamers. It’s been a good year for the company, with the great hit Pokemon GO under its belt, but that may have been a one time thing. Gamers will find this new pokemon go hack helpful.


The Wii craze of 2009 is gone and the Wii U didn’t sell as well, so launching a new console doesn’t seem like a sound idea. And that especially since tablets and phones are clearly outselling consoles and being preferred by gamers always on the go. The Nintendo Switch is able to marry living room gaming with gaming on the go, so that’s something special.

The price will be a big factor for its sales and if the rumors mentioning an amount of $300 or $350 are right, it should handle itself pretty well on the market. Keep in mind that the 2 million units mentioned above are small expectations, compared to the 3.06 million Wii U units shipped during the launch quarter in 2012. Of course that console had a month and a half and the new one only a month of sales before the Nintendo fiscal year is out.

Will the people embrace this new format of product? Will they hate cartridges? I have a good gut feeling about the product, but once again, the price will dictate its success or lack of.