We’ve heard rumors about Google preparing a new Nexus tablet, or maybe even two, one a $99 model and the other a 10 inch unit, according to rumors. Now it appears that the 10 inch Nexus slate has leaked on Picasa, where the EXIF data was published and associated with the newcomer.

We could be dealing with a prototype of the device and it’s rumored that the image was uploaded to Picasa by a Samsung employee who was testing the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus 10”. Well, that’s a theory I haven’t heard before: Samsung making a 10 inch tablet for Google, maybe even that 2500 x 1600 model that Sammy has been rumored to be making for almost a year now. Back to the EXIF, you can see that the name “Nexus 10” is listed as the device, while the camera simply says “Google”.

Another interesting aspect is that the version of Android listed here is Android JVP12C. The tablet data is also showing an impressively high resolution on this model, leading us to believe this is truly the “Retina Display” Samsung tablet. This unit is supposed to have a brand new Cortex A15 Exynos 5 dual core processor. Will we see this brand new unit showing up during Google’s Android event on the 29th of this month? We’ll see…

  • DeianStancu

    No, that was Samsung 11.8″ 2560×1600 tablet that appeared in Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit.
    Maybe Google ordered a smaller tablet.