There has been a lot of talk about the next gen iPads and whether or not they are going to have notches in the screen. One thing’s for sure: we’re going to get a new iPad Pro diagonal, 10.5 inches and a new format, which is being confirmed by a reputed Japanese source, Macotakara.

The source quotes insiders and details the device’s dimensions: 10.5 inch, 247.5 mm x 178.7 mm x 6 mm, meaning it’s a very slim machine. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2018 is also mentioned, with a 280 mm x 215 mm size, as well as a 6.4 mm thick waistline. An extra piece of info that we didn’t have is the fact that the device will have diamond cut edges, on both the front and back side.

The translation of the site is pretty poor and there’s even a mention of the iPhone SE in the same sentence, so we can’t tell for sure. Stereo microphones are mentioned as well, plus the lack of an audio jack. Face ID is definitely a part of the package, through a TrueDepth mechanism, getting rid of all the need for a Home button with fingerprint scanner. It’s not very clear what will happen with the Smart Connector, as the source says that it has been moved from the side to the lower rear side, close to the Lightning one.

This means that the next gen iPad Pro Smart Keyboard will also experience some changes. We can’t help but wonder if the device’s LCD panel could be affected by the same delays met by the iPhone 6.1 inch LCD model, which is rumored to be delayed till October. Also, we expect an iPad leak in pictures in a month tops.