Earlier this year we spotted some photos showing the back shell of the next gen iPad 5, that looked like a larger iPad Mini, with thinner bezels. Now the saga continues, as over the past months we’ve witnessed some similar leaks and even some videos appeared on the web. Now we get a fresh shot of the display panel of the slate.


The series of shots come straight out of the repair shop MacFixit and they include the front panel and digitizer. The display area is the same as the one of the iPad Retina models and the edges of the frame are more narrow and use the same styling as the iPad Mini. We’ve also got the Indium Tin Oxide setup, once again like the iPad Mini and now we get 2 connectors instead of one.

The connectors have been switched, so instead of Flat Flexible Cable like the iPad 2, 3 and 4 we get FPC (flexible printed circuits, like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4). The latest reports are saying that the slate is expected to launch in early September. I’m not sure what other innovation to expect, aside from the design tweaks… How about you?