One of the most impressive tablets from IFA 2016 was the Lenovo Yoga Book, able to be used as a sketch pad and a tablet, even a laptop that has an extra touchscreen. Now there’s a fresh set of devices with similar functionality, coming from Wacom and dubbed Slate and Folio.


Slate is basically a simple notepad, while Folio is a professional option, that comes with an integrated cover and slots for business cards. Both models come with electromagnetic resonance technology, thus being able to transfer notes written with ink on paper (regular paper) to Wacom’s Inkspace app. One can also draw in “live mode”, which lets one capture notes in real time or just press a button and sync it later.


Keep in mind that a special Wacom pen is needed, with Wacom digital ink for the trick to work. Notes can be saved in PDF, PNG or JPG format, or even the Wacom WILL format. The InkSpace app is available for free and it also brings a free basic subscription, with the Wacom ID you’re using. Those with higher needs, may use the InkSpace Plus, that offers 50 GB of storage and the ability to search handwritten notes.

Slate is available in two sizes, one small (A5/half letter) and large (A4/letter), while Folio only comes in large format (A4/letter). Pricing is $129.95 for the small Slate and $149.95 for the big one, while Folio goes for $199.95. New styli were also introduced with fine tips and RES tech.