Today is not the first time when we’re get to know that Samsung is currently working on the 2nd generation of Galaxy Tab S slates. After we’ve revealed you some information at the very beginning of January, today we get to know more about the upcoming Tab S 2 tablets.


Through the guys from, we find that Samsung is working on several Galaxy Tab S2 variants, like the SM-710, and the SM-T810. According to this publication, we should not get our hopes to high, as these tablets will only improve the processor, component that wasn’t so powerful on the actual models who are coming with 2560 x 1600 panels.

Even if any details are still unknown for the moment, we expect that these devices to be also thinner in order to compete in this category with the new iPad Air 2 that has a 6.1 mm thickness. It remains to see what other leaks we’ll get next.