The third generation of Amazon Kindle tablets sold incredibly well, or so claims the maker of these devices, in what might be a PR move. Right now, we know that the new Kindle sold in 4 weeks more units than any other previous generation slate from Amazon. If you’re wondering what the deal is with the new Kindle, know that the device is 15% lighter and does 20% faster page turns.

Third-gen Kindle provides 50% better contrast and a month of battery life, all for $139. There’s an E-ink screen on board, in case you were wondering and a new sleek design, that’s 15% lighter (8.5 ounces). Storage has been doubled to 3,500 books and the above mentioned screen doesn’t suffer from glare effect in bright sunlight.

The 3G version of the brand new Kindle costs $189.

[via Engadget]