MacRumors got word from a developer who spotted some evidence regarding a device previously known as iPad 3.6, popping up in his app analytics. The device’s processor fits the new ARMv7s architecture, that supports the custom A6 system on a chip setup from the iPhone 5.

This new iPad seems to be running either the A6 chip itself or a variation of that, on Apple’s custom A6 design. It’s not yet very clear what the new iPad device represents, since the iPad from the current generation is iPad 3.1 and iPad 3.2, plus iPad 3.3, depending on various cellular and WiFi setups. 3.6 is too remote to mean anything, unless the rumors about an iPad 3 with tweaks are true. Apple has never been fond of releasing minor updates for its hardware products, but they may make the switch for the sake of the Lightning connector.

After all they did have that iPad with changed CPU type, switching to a 32 nm unit, so the change of port would be a minor tweak. The thing is that odds for this to be an iPad Mini are dismal, since the codename seems to fit the iPad 3 better. So, what’s happening here?