A new series of iPad Air 3 accessories have popped up today, being made available in a variety of colors and form factors. Dubbed simply ID7G96, ID7G95 and so forth, these devices include a leather case, either in kickstand form or an ultra thin format.


Rubber coating is also here, as well as cutouts for the camera, what appears to be a flash under it, Smart Connector, speakers and Lightning port. There’s also an accessory with a multi stand and a folio stand leather case. Ever Blue Technology is selling these models, joining the list of leaksters who publish Apple-related products before their launch.


It’s interesting to see them naming names, especially with the iPad Pro 9.7 being the leakster’s favourite lately for the new slate. They also call the device “iPad Air 2016”, which may be a thing for many retailers. We are expected to learn more about the product next Monday, on March 21st when Apple has an event scheduled.


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