During our hands on sessions at MWC 2013 we spotted an interesting Fujitsu tablet, the Arrows Tab, that’s shown in action below. What sets this device apart from other rivals are the huge speakers and also the huge battery, but the design is also not so shabby.


This is a Full HD slate, that runs Android 4.0 ICS and it’s already available in Japan, being offered on sale in mid February. This is a thin and lightweight device, with WiFi only and a huge capacity 10,080 mAh battery. There’s also advanced dust resistance and water resistance technology, plus the new tablet comes with upgrade Fujitsu Human Centric Technology, that delivers an excellent experience based on color correction and accentuated touch.

The purpose of this feature is to make the device more accessible to elderly. The tablet also has a Kid’s Style mode, in order to be operate by kids, plus a smart fingerprint sensor and moving on to the hardware, we get a Full HD screen, a quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 1.7 GHz processor, fast charging technology and a huge array of speakers, all around the screen. The product weighs 589 grams and measures 9.9 mm in thickness.