As I´m sure most of you are aware, Microsoft has launched two versions for its highly acclaimed Surface tablet, one on the standard ARM based mobile platform and the other offering a fully grown Windows experience. The first holds one major disadvantage over the latest but offers very good performance in terms of battery life.


Microsoft´s Surface RT runs a hardware configuration based on the ARM architecture. With this type of hardware it can only run apps designed for the mobile platform, and not your standard x86 software usually found on PC´s at home. That is because of the way the RISC CPU´s found in the Surface RT decode software at a more simple level, leaving other parts of the software to other components. That is until the developers managed to ¨jailbreak¨ it and get past the restrictions Microsoft put in place so running normal apps would not be allowed.

The developers responsible for making the Surface RT run x86 architecture based apps have launched a sort of app that activates the extra functionality. The software is still in its very early stages but it has proven its usefulness. Mind you, due to the platform don´t expect to be running fully grown complex apps, such as Photoshop. The list of verified/supported legacy apps is also quite limited, and some basic apps like 7Zip, WinRAR, Heroes of Might & Magic etc. You should head over to the dedicated thread on XDA for opinions and instructions.