Firefox OS is one of the most interesting software platforms this year and it’s a prolific year in this area, with the likes of Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS and Tizen hitting the scene. Well, now the OS will migrate to tablets, apparently…


Mozilla partners for this initiative include Sony, Alcatel or ZTE and now it appears that after a bunch of handsets with experimental ROMs, a tablet has entered their sights. Mozilla is said to unveil the product on June 3rd and they’re said to be working with Hon Hai Precision, which is basically Foxconn.

The two parties are supposed to release a “mobile device” with Firefox OS on board, but that device won’t be a phone, but rather a big diagonal slate. Insiders have confirmed the Firefox tablet, but we have no specifications right now, sadly. I expect something on the lower end of the spectrum, just like in the case of the Firefox phones.