Motorola unveiled a very interesting product in China today, the Android-based CloudBB (HMC3260), a cloud computer. Described as a “home entertainment terminal”, the device packs a 18.5 inch touchscreen and uses a wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s pretty close to the idea of a tablet, if you ask me, but also close to a PC, due to the size.

China Digital TV Media Group will market the product to their 13 million customers and they’ll promote it as means to watch on demand video, play games, launch apps and access cloud-based services. The product isn’t expected to be available in USA, but it could be a mere starting point for future Moto products. Android devices can fully replace PCs, but the experience will never be the same. Google is working on multi-user support for shared devices and will optimize Android to run on more developed hardware.

With Android taking over the world of mobile, they’ll also want to take control of desktops or bigger mobile devices like laptops. Motorola was bought by Google last year and it seems that the search engine giant is making good use of its resources. Moto was actually the first company to release a smartphone that could turn into a laptop, connect to a TV and become sort of a PC, but the Atrix was never as popular as it should have been. Will this new product succeed?