During last week’s BUILD event Microsoft unveiled the Windows in the Car system, that’s basically an alternative to Apple’s CarPlay. This is also a response to Google’s Android Open Automotive Alliance, so now Windows and Windows Phone will come to our vehicles’ dashboards.


The new system brings the tile based interface to the central touchscreen console on cars. The system is based on Mirrorlink and apparently there are plans to integrate Cortana within it. You get streaming from Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music, maps, calls and more. There will be a special Marketplace for this system, offering specialized in car apps.


Cortana is expected to locate nearby businesses and give navigation directions, plus maybe use geofencing in order to trigger reminders and alerts when you’re near certain landmarks. Right now everything is a concept, so Windows in the Car is not finalized yet. Mirrorlink is already supported by the likes of Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen and developers are expected to build car-specific apps in the future.


Let’s just hope we won’t get a blue screen on this system…