The leaked info of the day regards an incredible price tag of just $199, that’s rumored to be applied for the Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT. The product debuts on October 26th, together with Windows 8. The pressure of the Nexus 7, its $199 price tag and the rumored iPad Mini must have been too much for Microsoft, who are probably ready to sell at a loss.

There’s also the Kindle Fire out there, with a product update or two prepared to be announced soon. Microsoft’s biggest problem is the time that has passed between the announcement of the Surface and its availability. When Apple announces a tablet, it’s available almost instantly and that applies to most Android tablets as well. Well, maybe not the Galaxy Note 10.1, that took over half a year to arrive, but the Nexus 7 came pretty fast. The problem with a $199 price point for the Microsoft Surface tablet is that it will kill partnerships with OEMs.

They won’t be able to compete with Microsoft’s too good pricing I can tell you that. Microsoft is a giant that’s able to sacrifice some millions to lure the customers in and make some cash via the Windows 8 application store, but what about companies like Acer, ASUS and Samsung? If the price is right Acer will certainly be angry, that’s for sure. They already criticized the Surface idea…

  • Rurik

    sign me up for one!

  • Jose

    sure, I’ll buy one at that price :O)

  • Brad

    Awesome… If this is correct, I’m getting at least two of these bad boys. 😀

  • Jimmy Le

    it’s rumor. it’s a joke….don’t believe the hype.

  • BooM BoyeT

    Really? even the specs of the device is high? If this is true I would probably buy this…