Microsoft Surface Mini is one of those on and off products that has been rumored to be canned, canceled and stopped for a while now, but it’s back today. After everyone waited for it to be released at BUILD and then with the Surface Pro 3, there were strong rumors about the project being stopped.


Production was said to be halted, in spite of the fact Microsoft had already bought the parts needed for the slate and their partners started assembling them. The Surface Mini was also confirmed by mistake by the Surface Pro 3 manual, so there’s proof it exists. It’s shocking that the latest @evleaks post talks about a summer release and the return to production of the device, merely a week after we were pretty sure production was stopped.

Older sources said that Microsoft was waiting for a new Windows 8.1 update or even Win 9 to come, or maybe even give up the Surface brand for a new Lumia. It’s true that users are still waiting on an 8 inch Lumia tablet, but that’s not happening any time soon. Expectations for the Surface Mini include a Full HD 8 inch screen, an Intel 64 bit processor and 16/32 GB of storage, as well as 2 GB of RAM or more.