Microsoft may have killed the Surface Mini, but the Surface Go products are alive and well. There’s an incoming Microsoft Surface Go 2, which has leaked today with some underwhelming aspects. Surface Go was meant to be the “gateway drug” into the whole Surface lineup. Two years later we’re still waiting on a successor.

It could have debuted this Spring during a BUILD event, or during the Fall Surface event, but with Covid-19 nothing is certain. Surface Go was rather modest in specs, but nowadays staring off from a Core m3 doesn’t sound too appealing. In spite of that, that’s exactly what Microsoft will be offering. The latest leak mentions that the Surface Go 2 will have a configuration that goes up from an Intel Core m3-8100Y. Well, at least it’s not a Pentium Gold 4415Y from the OG Surface Go, right?

We also get a 256 GB SSD with the Core m3, but RAM sticks at the 8 GB mark. The bulk of the components will most likely be kept intact from the first Surface Go. With the iPad Pro lineup freshly out and Samsung always cooking a new Galaxy Tab S or Galaxy Tab A, it’s not exactly the time for Microsoft to be recycling components. Microsoft may actually lose focus on the already famous Surface products, while going on a wild goose chase with the Surface Duo and Surface Neo.

To be honest, the Surface Go 1 sounds pricey right now at $449 or $494 and if you think that the pen and keyboard can set it apart from the crowd, guess what? They’re sold separately and you could end up with an iPad Air or older iPad Pro as a smarter purchase.