Some people expected Microsoft to debut the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 last fall, but that didn’t come through. We got a slightly upgraded Surface laptop, the Surface Studio and that’s it. Now with BUILD coming soon, rumors should be abuzz, but it seems the new devices are skipping this event as well.

The Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 will be two years old come this fall, so while they may still be powerful, they’re quite old devices. Sources and insiders are unusually quiet regarding both the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5. Some of them are saying that the Surface Book 2 is not yet ready for a Spring release. We could still see some devices from partners, showcasing the next big update to Windows 10, the Creators Update.

Surface Studio is too young for an update, but some are talking about a new type of “cloud book”. It would work as a sort of Chromebook rival apparently. Microsoft could also debut the locked down Windows 10 Cloud Edition, which is the answer to Chrome OS. This OS would only let users install apps from the Windows Store and that’s it, no .EXEs.

What’s certain is that while some new hardware may appear, it won’t be some badass high spec machine, but rather an affordable one.