We’ve heard speculations about a Microsoft 7 inch tablet when just the other day MS dropped the minimum required resolution for Windows 8 and now we have more proof about it. Microsoft is reportedly working on the smaller Surface tablet and it’s already hiring experts to design the slate after the interviews, doing a simple background check and a THC drug test as in most companies recruiting process.

Windows 8 tablets are launching in October with no less than 40 cool Xbox titles to play and now Microsoft evolved the whole gaming thing into a crew that handles Win 8 slates strictly. They will branch out a new company from Microsoft Studios, one that will be based in London and only produce games for Windows 8 tablets.

The branch will be headed by Lee Schuneman, former Rare Production director, who was in charge of the Kinect Sports titles, the Xbox 360 Avatar games and Fable: The Journey. The studio is hiring right now and it will open its doors in November. The new Studios HQ will be the fourth developing house in UK, right next to Rare, Soho Productions and Lionhead, spearheading cool new titles for all platforms. I’m looking forward to seeing big and powerful Xbox titles ported to the small and portable devices.

There’s a lot to take advantage of, since Microsoft has had a ton of games out for its consoles and some can be ported on tablets. The Kinect may also be morphed into some accessory of the tablets or integrated in them and those Xbox Live arcade games can come in handy when you’re bored. It will be fun to own a Surface Tablet for the next year or so, I tell you!