While some of us are happy with our iPads and playing Angry Birds on them, some people may actually use the tablets for work. Apparently that work is hampered by the lack of Microsoft Office in an iPad version.


However, it is speculated that Microsoft would make billions if they would bring their product to the popular Apple slate. The info comes fron a Morgan Stanley analyst and the finance firm’s Adam Holt is claiming that if the product is priced at $60 it would reach about 30% of iPad users. Being bought by them it would bring a whooping $2.5 billion to the Redmond software giant.

Of course there are other options out there, even some Apple productivity tools, but they are not as competitive as the full Office package, that by the way is in the making for iOS. Microsoft is a software company first and foremost, so they can’t really be keeping software from generating them some serious profit. Then again they may only want it for Windows 8 slates…

  • One should be complete dummy to think that Microsoft can recreate their office for iOS for less than 3-4 year and it will never meet the full functionalituy of the PC version.

    In fact if microsoft makes that move they will be just one of the meny competitors of the office market for iOS – that is a race with many horses.

  • Jace

    Non-Developers wouldn’t have a clue on how much effort goes into developing complex software like MS Office. Developing it on iOS has the added complexity of integrating iOS version of Microsoft office to its family of products and updating itself whenever Apple decides to throw out a new verysion of iOS. I can’t imagine MS jumping onto the iOS wagon any time soon. Though I have to mention that OneNote does have an iOS app that has very very basic functionalities.