From the guys of we learn that Microsoft could reveal Windows 8, in its tablet version next week, maybe during Computex 2011. What the iPad started last year and what the Android Tegra 2 devices continued, Microsoft must finish and rule the market, just like it does with the PCs. Keep in mind that desktops are dying and tablets are the future, so that’s quite a scare for MS.

Windows 7 tablets are out right now, as they’re not intuitive and as fast as the Android ones for example. Supposedly we’re going to see an early version of Win 8 for tablets in only days for now, one meant to run on ARM architecture. The CPU is the usual Nvidia Tegra 2, found on popular devices, such as the Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer and Acer A500.

Steve Ballmer is going to do the honors during Computex 2011, taking place from May 31st onward. Let’s see what surprises MS has for us and if they’re considering an App Store of their own or not…

  • Eror977

    Desktops are not dying, you are wrong. Don’t know where do you get this rubbish misinformation, but desktops are not dying. I am speaking about volumes, not some retailers that are unable to flog cheap desktops. Desktops are descenting a bit and will remain a fraction of the market, but it will be still in high volumes, hign enough for Intel to produce Ivy Bridge and Haswell afterwards. You have some point though, desktops will suffer some change in concept, some will remain for enthusiasts with big chassis and extreme componenets, but some fraction will suffer a change, i mean all in ones, they will rise and dominate. These are monitors with PC-s inside like Apple has. Tablets will never replace laptops, but maybe will replace netbooks, and not ultra portable laptops like Acer Timeline or Mac Air, because tablets still are not powerfull enough.

    Maybe tablets with phones inside like Atrix or This Asus will replace smartphones….