When we heard that BUILD 2013 will take place this summer, we immediately thought about the debut of Windows Blue and also a 7 inch Surface. Today, that theory of a 7 inch Windows 8 tablet takes shape.


It appears that Microsoft has made a slight tweak to the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 8 tablets. The change was spotted by ZDNet and it allows hardware makers to develop Windows 8 slates with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Windows 8 obviously supports that resolution, but tablet hardware requirements from Microsoft prevented device makers from adopting this on tablets.

These companies must reveal that the resolution doesn’t support Snap View, the one that allows you to run apps side by side in a multitasking view. A leaked version of Windows Blue, the one that hit all major sites this week changed the Snap View support to let users take advantage of it in a 50/50 view. Official MS guidance says that “partners are exploring designs… for better flexibility”. So, are you ready for an 8 or 7 inch Surface?