Microsoft announced just hours ago that the final version of Windows 8 is now ready and available, the RTM version. This is the last stage of the development process and testing, before offering the code to the OEM partners that will make the PCs and tablets with this OS on board. I remind you that the OS launches on October 26th, together with the Surface Tablet.

Developers, Microsoft partners and IT professionals will gain access to the RTM final code at the end of August. Steven Sinofsky claims on his blog that the new version brings improvements in fundamentals, enhanced storage and connectivity, newly architected subsystems, plus a fast and fluid user interface. Windows 8 is said to have thousands of new features, just waiting to be uncovered. Other innovations will be brought in the future, courtesy of developers building app for it.

Also you may want to know that the Windows 8 Store is now open for business and the plans are to expand it in over 200 markets around the world. Up until now Windows 8 has been generated mixed reactions, with some people being excited about the product, while others don’t really dig the Metro UI thing. You should know that on 15th August you will be able to download the Windows 8 RTM version from MSDN or Technet, so be prepared to get it.