Meizu is preparing a new product brand, one called Charm Blue, that seems to include an interesting iPhone 5c-like phone, but also a tablet. As far as the slate goes, the details are more limited than the ones related to the phone.


The Meizu Charm Blue tablet could adopt the usual styling of Meizu devices, with a rectangular format and rounded edges, plus the custom Flyme OS included. They will have to optimize it for the tablet and its potentially high resolution and some hopefuls are probably dreaming about a Meizu Ubuntu Touch tablet right now, since the company has been getting cozy with that platform as well.

If the Charm Blue phone is in any way related to the tablet under the same brand, we’ll be dealing with a polycarbonate case device, with a rounded corners and midrange specs. It will be interesting to see if Meizu attacks the high end tablet market, or the midrange one. If they take the second option, the price will certainly be in the $200 range or lower. If they go high end, the product may be a metallic slate with straight edges, like the device shown above.