GPS and special navigation gear is so yesterday, seeing how modern tablets and smartphones can easily replace such equipment. However, hardcore adventurers who go in the wild may need a more complex navigation system. This is where Magellan comes into play, with a brand new tablet meant for offroad people.


This product is called eXplorist TRX7 and it’s meant for the 4X4 segment and people into exploring and jungle pathfinding. The device includes tools that are required to map out a path, using the latest available map data. It lets you save trails, add pictures and even share stuff on social media. eXplorist TRX7 also comes with normal highway maps, but the core of the experience are its 44,000 trails, high resolution 3D terrain maps and 2D topographical base maps with elevation contour lines and utility stations.

Crowd-sourcing is also available for third party trail guides. Filters for info and tracks are included, arranging paths by difficulty, duration and how awesome they are. This tablet is a weather proof product, with a 7 inch LCD display and IP67 rating. It has modest specs, like a dual core Cortex A9 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, as well as Android 4.2 as the OS.

Connectivity is handled thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi. The Magellan product is seen as a community tool, not only a regular device. It’s going to cost $599.99, when it starts selling this month.