While Samsung usually relies on mocking the iPad in its commercials and Microsoft goes the same way with the Surface, LG opted for a more humorous approach for its new G Pad series ad. The commercial features a male main character, who gets into all sorts of trouble after buying a big 10 inch slate.

lg g pad ad

The design reminds me of a Samsung tablet, but it’s shown as a pretty generic device in the video. The slate makes the guy almost get run over by a car, get hit by darts, he ignores his girlfriend, falls down a manhole and more, till he decides to get a smaller slate. The decision is made after seeing a girl in the park taking calls from her phone to the LG G Pad through the QPair feature.

Then the protagonist of the commercial (with a very silly giggle) goes ahead and buys the LG G Pad model of his choice. The motto of the ad is “Make a Smart Choice”, but seeing how clumsy this guy is, I give him at least ten minutes before he runs into another lamp post, bike rider or car. Generally, it’s not a good idea to use tablets on the street…