Lenovo’s next unveiling is going to be its very first gaming phone, but we’re also bound to see a brand new Android tablet. It’s the Lenovo Yoga X tablet, which has just leaked and it seems to be a monitor, not just a standalone slate.

Evan Blass published a rather generic sketch of the machine, which looks like chunky for an Android tablet. It reminds me of the older Sony Xperia tablets, maybe the Tablet S. Lenovo Yoga X is said to be used like a secondary screen for other devices like smartphones or tablets. Yoga X can be connected to other devices via a micro HDMI cable and give users extra screen estate. You can also switch the audio output from the original device to the tablet and viceversa.

Those of you familiar with the work of photographers and videographers in the field know that they also carry with them small tablets used to output the image and view it better. Such devices have expanded batteries, some editing features, a reinforced body and more. If that’s the case, specs should be basic, but with this being a Yoga unit, I imagine it has a solid set of speakers, maybe a kickstand and a large battery in a cylinder hidden at the back.

We could also see a version with Windows, as it happened with Lenovo Yoga models before.