Lenovo is preparing to embrace the newfound popular segment of 8 inch tablets, through a ThinkPad 8 model that just hit the FCC. This device hasn’t been announced yet, but the FCC testing has been done.


This 8 inch slate is only speculated to be the Lenovo ThinkPad 8, but this sounds like a solid theory. All we know is that there’s WiFi support here and the ThinkPad name is also confirmed. It’s still not clear if this will be an Android or Windows device, or if it will rely on an ARM or x86 processor, since Lenovo has dabble in both segments.

Seeing how the likes of Dell and Acer are tackling the segment of 8 inch Windows 8.1 slates, it would be a pity for Lenovo not to launch one more device of this kind (aside from Lenovo Miix 2). An Android slate also wouldn’t hurt, but the competition is tougher here, since there will be already dozens of units available by the time the ThinkPad 8 is out.