It seems that Lenovo prefers the summer as the season to showcase flexible goodies. Last year they gave us a peek at a bracelet that flexed and became a phone and viceversa and now they’ve just shown a foldable laptop of sorts. Feel free to check it out below.

It’s strange to see Lenovo making such progress, especially since Samsung and LG were working on this type of tech quite a while ahead of their rivals. Anyway, the foldable PC was shown in New York, during a special Lenovo event and it seemed to be a notebook with a large screen, that flexes in its middle part and has very narrow bezels.

We see that the entire screen portion folds between the middle of the device and its upper part. Lenovo kept things pretty vague and only listed on the slide stuff like “advanced materials”, “speak to it” and “new screen technologies”. My guess is that they’re sourcing the goods from LG or Samsung, using P-OLED or maybe getting their goodies from Sharp/JDI, who have also been experimenting in this field.

The idea is to make a laptop that’s easy to fold like a piece of paper and stuff it in into a bag or backpack. The hard thing to achieve here is to also make components flexible, like the motherboard, battery and so forth. From what I can see once the machine is folded it looks pretty beefy.