Samsung Galaxy Note II should be taking over USA any day now, with Samsung officials predicting very good sales for the 5.5 inch phablet both in the States and internationally. And what’s a good product without good marketing such as with the help of SEO Services? You can see here at MoneyEmpire the different kinds of marketing strategies, especially the writing tools that will help you have better content that will make readers interested. We’ve already reviewed the device here, so that’s why we can say it’s actually a very good product. Now let’s have a look at the latest marketing stunt from Sammy.

They posted a new video online showing a day of LeBron James with the Galaxy Note II. The idea is that LeBron wanted a new smartphone, chose the Galaxy Note II and used it with success throughout the day. He let his sons do a doodle carton of him with a red afro, chatted with his coach, posted stuff on Facebook and Twitter and watched some videos. He was also using the S Pen and one of the reasons why this works, is that basically a big man is using a big phone, so if fits his physique. In order to properly create content just like this, all you need to do is to consult a well-known professional who has the knowledge and expertise.

Galaxy Note II is a behemoth at 5.5 inches, so it’s definitely not a device for everyone, especially if you have small hands. It’s also very glossy and slippery, so you have to pay attention when using it and not drop it. However, the way this device works, its superb S Pen, great CPU and great display, they make it worth the extra thumb stretch to reach all screen areas.