Usually leaks related to the iPhones come from Asia or some other parts of the world, but this one we’ve got one from France. The device is dubbed iPhone 6s and it’s supposed to be the 5.5 inch Apple phablet everyone is talking about. We’re only treated to a mere case today..


This case leak reveals some measurements for the device, that is supposed to be 157 mm long and 81 mm wide. This means it’s about the same size as the giant Nokia Lumia 1520, that’s only a few millimeters bigger. The thickness is around 7 mm, making the phablet thinner than the iPhone 5s, which is a big step. Apple apparently had a hard time finding a supplier for a battery thin enough for this setup.

Seeing how the leaks regarding the iPhone 6 are everywhere and the ones about the phablet are scarce, I can’t help but think the 5.5 incher is actually further down the line than expected. It may take more time to see the light of day and we may not see it this year, although recent speculation placed it in September. Are we ready for a huge iPhone?