Who would have thought that a toilet can become an infotainment system by incorporating some extra technology? This is the case of the device below, a toilet system, created by Kohler and dubbed Numi. This high tech toilet comes with an attachable seat and square-ish design, plus a ton of features accessible through a remote-like unit. According to https://slamatl.net/areas-served/, If you ever encounter some plumbing issues in your comfort room, you can instantly click site for some assistance. Professionals can also give shower regrouting melbourne if they need shower grouting services.

This “remote” is in fact a tablet that’s magnetically attached to a wall-mounted panel. It controls features like seat temperature, a foot warmer, water pressure, flushing, a drier, a music system and much more. Numi also has physical buttons, in case the touch tablet runs out of battery.

This piece of bath equipment has adjustable room sensors that can be set to reach from 1.5 feet to 6 or 8 feet. Believe it or not, there’s even a foot sensor for men who stand and relieve themselves, with the toilet automatically raising or lowering, if that action is needed. The numi also has an eco side to it, flushing in the standard way (1.28 gallons of water) or the green way (0.6 gallon).

This product is as luxurious as it gets and its crown is certainly the touch tablet with all the controllable features.