The iPad media storm is over, so it’s time to give the JooJoo tablet some quality time, since the device formerly known as the CrunchPad is about to get launched this month. Its maker, Fusion Garage announced that the product will start shipping in weeks with full production on its way.

Fusion Garage teamed up with Malaysian OEM CSL Group, to cover the costs of the tablet manufacturing process. CSL will get a part of the revenue associated with the product, as a follow-up of this cooperation. It has also been confirmed that the tablet comes with full Flash support and even HD Flash content, thanks to the Flash 10.1 technology.

There’s a web app store coming, as well, apparently one that’s bigger than Apple’s according to Fusion Garage CEO Chandra. JooJoo will retail for $499 and it’ll pack a 12 inch display, larger than the 9.7 one of the iPad, but who knows if Apple won’t come up with a larger version of its tablet?

[via slashgear]