If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Martin, you’d better look up his work, since he’s a very talented artist who specializes in doing portraits of famous people using his iPad. The artist is 27 years old and below you can watch his renderings of Pope Francis, Steve Jobs and Miley Cyrus among others.


Jeremy has already created 102 celebrity portraits using a stylus and the free app Drawing Desk. He does about one or two digital paintings per day and he’s really good at it, relying on the iPad Air 2. One can only imagine what he’ll accomplish once he gets his hands on the iPad Pro and its new stylus. The digital painter posts his works on Instagram and already got an impressive following, as even the celebrities have reacted to their portraits.


Things got so hyped, that Martin was asked to create Iman-inspired art for the 60th birthday of the supermodel. The artist appreciated the most how clean the process is, without brushes or paints lying around, as he says. Mistakes are also easily removed, with a mere swipe and sharing is much easier to the social media. You can buy Martin’s celebrity portraits on Etsy for $40 and I’d see some indie bars posting up such pics on their walls. And of course if you’d like to get your hands on more traditional portraits, check these custom portraits from Instapainting.