The iPhone 6 has been rumored to have two versions for a long while now, including a 4.7 incher and a 5+ inch model. Initially it was 5.7 inch for that phablet, but now there are rumors about a 5.5 inch model.


It would appear that the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will start mass production in July, while in September we’ll see the start of the production for the 5.5 incher. The release of the product is said to be around Q4, however, we could see the phablet launcher later. There’s a theory going around saying that Apple doesn’t quite believe in the phablet, so it may resort to a lower production in the end.

Anyway, Apple are barely getting used to the concept of jumping higher than 4 inches in diagonal and  find it very hard to believe that they’ll skip straight to 5.5 inches. I expect the usual Fall release for the product, sometime between October and December. What do you think?